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For any inquiries,
please call our main number: +352 26 48 01 01 or send mail to


Comparing insurance online is good, using LIB is even better.


Use LIB to master the insurance market

LIB answers the following key questions :

- What cover is required or advisable?
- Which insurer offers the lowest premium?
- Which insurer provides the broadest and best guarantees?
- Which insurer offers the best returns on life insurance and investment products?
- Which insurer offers the most efficient claims management?

LIB does not invoice its services. Only if and when the clients decide to buy insurance cover through LIB, will LIB be paid by the insurer. LIB’s services will not impact the premium paid.

LIB’s clients benefit from these additional advantages:

- Comprehensive guidance with detailed explanations about all aspects of insurance
- Legal advice and assistance at all stages of the client-insurer relationship
- Negotiating client’s requirements with insurers
- Full and unconditional assistance in the management of claims
- Follow-up and ongoing finacial advice for life insurance and investment products

LIB works exclusively in the interest of its client’s. LIB customers will not only receive the best possible insurance deals but also feel the protection afforded by LIB’s advice and claims management.

General description of services

LIB provides a comprehensive range of risk and insurance products, catering to private, professional and institutional clients.

In addition, LIB provides analytical, advisory and research services prior to letting clients decide on their best course of action. The cost of our service is the same as if contracted through an ordinary insurance agency. However, with LIB, the client has the choice: Choice of coverage, choice of insurance company and the largest possible choice of products.

And this choice is free of charge.

We provide solutions to all risk coverage and life insurance needs. Our professional and skilled staff will help you create the environment, that best ensures the long-term survival and/or growth of the people or structures that you intend to protect.

Our partners are Baloise Insurance Luxembourg, Allianz Luxembourg, AXA Insurance Luxembourg, Foyer, LaLux Insurance, HDI Gerling, AIG Europe, AME Life, DKV, Lombard International, Private Estate Life, CNA Europe, ACE and XLCatlin amongst others.

LIB is admitted to negotiate insurance products on the Luxembourg, British, German, French, Belgian and Spanish markets.


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As of Juli 1st 2015, the interest rate on Luxembourg life insurance (...)
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Notice period for cancellation of non-life insurance contracts
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19 10 11
Professional liability insurance and the new rules on exchange of tax information between tax authorities.
Since the entering into force of the law of March 3rd 2010 on the exchange (...)

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